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There have been a few posts here and there from me, mostly whatever fic has popped into my brain as of late. I have been commenting though or doing the best that I can. But this post isn't about the lack of posting (I will do another post for that).

I'm trying to write more, at the advice of just about everyone. But I don't want the pressure of writing that comes with it often. So I found myself a prompt community and I am going to write a series of flash fanfiction. I am trying for 5-6 prompts a month. No beta, no editing, just experimenting, and just writing.

I'm going to try different pairings, different styles, just whatever strikes my fancy for the prompt and just let it free write.

I will make sure to tag all the fics and put it in the prompt as well. I know a lot of people won't read this kind of free writing and I want everyone going in with eyes wide open.

So hang on, I am hoping it will be a wild year.
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Since everyone else is doing it...

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Speaking of horror stories, my husband and I just rescued three more kittens from the feral colony outside. They are about a month or so old. Two ginger boys, one all white female. They were trapped in between our fence and the neighbor's wall, which is about six inches. We have arbor vities that are growing from fence to house, so I was IN the tree trying to scare them out. I'm totally cut up to HALE.

So that makes, right now, fosters in our house:

3 ginger males + 1 siamese male + 1 siamese female + 2 black males + 1 grey/white female + 1 brown tabby + 1 all white female = 10 foster kittens.

Plus our dog, and our own three cats.

There were two black ones that we found and they were too old to take in and socialize. :( I wish our county had a spay/neuter, release program. I can't afford $50-100 to get all those ferals done, not to mention no vets will do them. This is Kelly's sad face. v.v. sad face.
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Well, I saw this going around and you know what a follower I am. LOL

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In other news (cause you guys know I hate to multi-post), I need the help of some of the big brained creative folks on my flist.

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And now, off to write more on my Alphabet Writing Meme until SEEKER! WOO SEEKER SATURDAY!
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So okay writers of my flist, what would you do? Just go with the creative flow or actually stick to my commitments and finish my stuff?
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Okay, so three quick things.

First off, can anyone beta for me until August? [livejournal.com profile] boy_named_susie is my usual go to grammer girl but with her studying for the Bar, I don't want to put anything more on her. And I know she would do it if I asked so I am not asking. I've got a Cordy and Anya story I am finishing, along with some C/A and some Fuffy pieces. I am kind of a pain in the ass and like a two-three day turn around.

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Hope everyone is doing well!
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So how much do I love that icon? That is the kind of mood I am in. LOL

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Not that anyone cares but I made the most kick ass dinner tonight. You should all be very very jealous and want to come over my house for dinner RIGHT NOW! LOL
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The next generation of Americans are idiots with no taste or substance.

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And since I really hate to do more than one post in one day when I only have a few things to say, I am taking these two on the end of this post.

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Last but not least, a shorty but goody that I know [livejournal.com profile] nikkiwawa79 will appreciate.

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