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Title Five Calls to UTS (Undead Tech Support)
Author [livejournal.com profile] xlivvielockex
Rating PG maybe PG-13
Word Count 765
Characters/Pairing (if any) Angel, Prince Mamuwalde, Tara Thornton, Louis de Pointe du Lac, Edward Cullen, Vlad Tepes Count Dracula, Damon Salvatore, Jessica Hamby
WARNING: PARODY! This is supposed to be funny. Characters exaggerated for comedic effect.
Summary: Inspired by this: "one of my favorite things in vampire related fiction is vampires trying to keep up with technology- like actively working at sorting it out, flinging cell phones at the wall bc they couldn't figure out the touch screen, being overwhelmed by the newest version of windows and forcing themselves not to attack the computer, all the shit we struggle with but multiplied by the amount of years they've been alive and every new technological advancement they've had to sort through" -loisfreakinglane on tumblr

Customer Service is Hell )
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175 Holiday "Smut" Icons:
Bones: 6
Glee: 6
Gossip Girl: 8
Greek: 3
Harry Potter: 3
House: 3
Legend of the Seeker: 18
Other fandoms: 27
Other: 6
Smallville: 6
Supernatural: 4
True Blood: 10
Veronica Mars: 7
Whedonverse: 62
Whoverse: 7


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I'm taking a break from my political comm paper cause I have a question for the flist, well two actually. First.

Just kind of a strange question but has anyone been to Mustang Island, Port Aransas, Texas? I was looking for a new vacation spot, someplace I hadn't been and came across this little blurb on AOLTravel.

"This 18-mile-long barrier island, connected by a causeway and 24-hour ferry to Corpus Christi, offers wildlife and wild life at party-hearty Port Aransas. Trolleys ply the historic honkytonk town, filled with down-home pubs and upscale galleries. Wide bay- and Gulf-side beaches, lined with dunes, seafood shanties and marinas, hikers, seashell collectors, and sandcastle architects (100,000 spectators ogle hundreds of entries at SandFest, the nation's largest sand-sculpting competition, every April). Aquatic activities abound: surfing waves off the jetty, kite-boarding off protected sandbars, casting for trophy tuna and tarpon. Tournaments lure international competitors, who spin tales of the ones that got away in fun funky bars. More than 500 bird species vacation here, dolphin frolic in the channel, and coyote roam Mustang Island State Park.

Fun Fact: Mark "Sand Man" Landrum acts as Port A's official "Sandcastle Dream Builder," offering lessons in engineering elaborate moats and machicolated battlements."

Has anyone been? Good place? Bad place? Is it affordable to stay there? I'd be driving from Arizona so I would have a car.

Also, was the ONLY person on the net who LOVED the True Blood finale? I feel like I'm all alone in my love of it. LOL

Quick pimp too:

xlivvielockex: (C/A Holidays)
150 Holiday "Smut" Icons:
Bones: 4
Gossip Girl: 7
Greek: 3
Harry Potter: 3
House: 3
Other fandoms: 26
Legend of the Seeker: 18
Smallville: 5
Supernatural: 3
True Blood: 10
Veronica Mars: 7
Whedonverse: 56
Whoverse: 5


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This is sort of a place for me to store all the .gifs I have seen doing a take off of the Jeep ride in Zoolander (You put boom boom into my heart!)

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And honestly, if anyone makes this one with Angel and Cordy in the front seat and Wes and Gunn in the back, I will love you forever and do whatever you want in repayment...WHATEVER you want. *winks* LOL
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Title Leaving Louisiana
Author [livejournal.com profile] xlivvielockex
Rating PG
Word Count 953
Characters/Pairing (if any) Buffy from BTVS, Eric from True Blood, Buffy/Eric if you squint.
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] buffy_the_vamp6 and her Eric/Buffy Wallpaper. This is not beta'ed and it was written on the fly. All mistakes are mine.

Louisiana had topped Buffy’s list of places that she would rather not go to. )
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