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I was going to wait until I got home to post this (for those who don't know, I am at the Western Social Sciences Association conference in Houston right now) but I am worried if I don't post it now and get all my thoughts out, that I won't be able to sleep. (Seeing as I was up at 5am after only sleeping a few hours and it is now past 11, I need sleep)

While I haven't been on LJ much because of work and school, some of you may know that I strong-armed [livejournal.com profile] eilowyn into presenting her paper on feminism in the Whedon fandom both as a panel paper here and to enter it in the paper competition. I really didn't give her much of a choice in the matter because as you who know me know quiet well, I am very persuasive. :)

This gets long and navel gazing and really unlike me but... )

I should say that for any of you out there who are undergraduates (or even graduate students) in the social sciences, if you are interested in presenting academic research at conference, please contact me. I hope that this post won't deter you from it because aside from this year, I think conferences are an amazing opportunity for not only networking but personal growth. I always learn so much when I attend and in fields I normally would not engage in. My goal is not to search as someone focused on research but to rather be like the professors who changed my life, who mentored me, and to bring undergraduates into these events to keep them going. I think it is incredibly important to provide opportunities for undergraduates to attend events that are vetted, that are subject to peer review and structure, to give them not only experience but a good item for their resumes and CVs.
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After a long discussion and hemming and hawwing, my husband and I decided to get a Wii with our tax return. So far we Indiana Jones 2 and Mario Kart. If anyone has suggestions for games, I'm all ears. And if someone has a Wii and wants our friend code, just let me know. :)

Lifewise, I'm just busy with grad school and attempting to write my C/A fic for the Valentine's Day Smut-A-Thon. I have a pretty good idea and outline, I just need to sit down and write it.

Miss you guys. I can't wait for summer when I can actually be around and do fandom stuff.
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Well, working my little tail off as the semester draws to a close. Working on a paper right now but luckily it's a topic I enjoy so it's going quickly.

That isn't what this post is about though.

This weekend, husband and I watched Scott Pilgram vs The World. Neither of us enjoyed it. We kept looking at each other going "we are supposed to root for this douchebag?"

What I don't get is why is it so popular? Can someone explain it to me? I mean, none of the characters are particularly well crafted, the jokes are rather lame, Michael Cera is doing the same character he has done since his Arrested Development days. I just don't get why it is so popular. I was expecting so much more.

Anyone out there like it? Can you help me out here? I just know it is so popular and it's so rare that my husband and I, neither of us can see why it is so "cool". Maybe we are just getting to old?
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Hey people!

I am still alive, I know some of you were doubting. Grad school has pretty much killed any attempt at fandom or a social life. I apologize in advance for neglecting everyone on LJ. Things are easing up as we move into term paper season so that is good for me to catch up. I have WAY too many comments to reply to so if you get a reply from something you posted three months to me, sorry. :)

Really quick, I know I have a few RPers on my list. Is there a community for displaced characters? Like if a character was in a game, the game died, they want to get into a game again? Or any communities where a character could put themselves out there for one-on-one play? This is a Buffyverse character, if that helps. Let me know.

I actually had time to read a fic this week, which was awesome, and now you should read it too! I already recced it on Tumblr but here you go, if you aren't following me over there Ceteris Paribus (All Else Being Equal) by [livejournal.com profile] beer_good_foamy

Here's what I wrote for the rec )

Also, if you want, I uploaded Plants vs Zombies, a computer game if anyone wants it and Veronika Decides to Die. Enjoy!

Lastly, under the cut, a hilarious Buffy video that [livejournal.com profile] coalitiongirl linked on Tumblr.

Prepare to laugh )
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I think my graduate school professors know that this is television premiere week because I have TEN papers due this week. I wrote four over the weekend so just six to go. So that means I don't get to watch any new premieres until this weekend (which is my anniversary so yeah, no tv then!). Plus I have SPN S5 just looking at me going KELLY! WAAAATCH ME!

Let's not even talk about how behind I am with my LJ communities. Time for another modsearch post methinks. Maybe if I say I just need a banner maker and that you can still win banners, that might help get someone to sign up. I don't know.


In happier news, lots of awesome fandom stuff on my LJ that I haven't gotten around to comment all on.

- Cordelia/Angel fanmix by [livejournal.com profile] angryscientist All Depeche Mode, which, you know how much I love DM if you've been here for a bit.

- Angel sketch by [livejournal.com profile] angryscientist I love it when people *draw* in this fandom. It makes me so unbelievably happy!

- ATS Prompt-a-Thon hosted by [livejournal.com profile] eleusis_walks And I actually wrote a Drusilla and Cordelia thing for it!

- Doomed Ship Comment Fic hosted by [livejournal.com profile] anythingbutgrey I wrote for this too. Angelus/Drusilla and big time RAPE WARNING on that one.

Also, just cause I know a few people like knowing about the strange relationship I have with my husband. For our anniversary (the 27th), he bought me an electric smoker and a terabite hard drive. I'm allergic to mesquite and most BBQ around here is mesquite. Plus I don't eat HFCS and most BBQ sauces have it. I have been bitching about the lack of BBQ for years so he finally bought me a smoker to shut me up. LOL I already tested it out last week. DE.LI.CIOUS. Seriously, everyone should come over. I did ribs, I'm doing a brisket next. And the hard drive? For all my music and tv shows. He knows me way too well. (I got him Leverage and Burn Notice S2. He got S1 for his birthday.)
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