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Title Five Calls to UTS (Undead Tech Support)
Author [livejournal.com profile] xlivvielockex
Rating PG maybe PG-13
Word Count 765
Characters/Pairing (if any) Angel, Prince Mamuwalde, Tara Thornton, Louis de Pointe du Lac, Edward Cullen, Vlad Tepes Count Dracula, Damon Salvatore, Jessica Hamby
WARNING: PARODY! This is supposed to be funny. Characters exaggerated for comedic effect.
Summary: Inspired by this: "one of my favorite things in vampire related fiction is vampires trying to keep up with technology- like actively working at sorting it out, flinging cell phones at the wall bc they couldn't figure out the touch screen, being overwhelmed by the newest version of windows and forcing themselves not to attack the computer, all the shit we struggle with but multiplied by the amount of years they've been alive and every new technological advancement they've had to sort through" -loisfreakinglane on tumblr

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One of the things that always annoyed me about Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire series is that Sita, the "last vampire" was 5000 years old, from India, and yet had blonde hair and blue eyes. It's incredibly historically inaccurate and offensive to replace what would be a character of color with a blonde woman. So when the challenge came at [livejournal.com profile] vamp_land to cast something vampire-y, I jumped at the chance to cast The Last Vampire with more...genuine actors. ;) (And yes, I realize it is a vampire series but the best vampire books, to me, are ones with threads in reality and history)


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Well, I’ve reviewed fics and shows before but I think this is the first time I have ever said that people need to go out and get a graphic novel. As in, don’t wait to finish reading this post, go right now to your local comic shop, Amazon, whatever and order your copy of Soul Stealer NOW. Go ahead, the review will still be here when you get back.

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I posted this over at still my favorite place, Stranger Things and yeah, it would probably be nice to post it here.

It's a copy of Charisma Carpenter reading Immortal by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder. It's in four parts, all mp3 files, for each side of the cassette. I didn't grab the audio myself so on the third part, there is a bit of a background noise (so music) but it's faint. I have all the software to convert the hard cassette tapes I have into mp3s so I will no doubt make a cleaner copy when I have some time.

All Files In One Handy Dandy Zip

While I love Charisma, she just can't do accents. The Giles one she tries, especially, is laughable. Again, love you CC! But stick to your normal voice. I think we all learned that from the end of Flirting with Danger. (And you CC fans know what I mean!) I still love the girl. No matter what.
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